Future Landscape: 2017 China Media Trend Report

By: | UpdateTime: 11/30/2017

Penguin Intelligence, the research unit of Tencent News launches a trend report of the media industry each year. The 2015 report titled Mass Media talked about the booming We-Media phenomenon; the 2016 Intelligent Media report themed around the role of machine in the media industry and the changes it brought about. This year, the 2017 report is dubbed Future Landscape: the New Media Planet, which presents the latest media trend of China as the integration of mass media and intelligent media. 


According to the report, the ecosystem of the new planet consists of four factors, which are species, forest, soil and water, respectively representing the users, content, technology and business model of the media industry. 


Here are some key takeaways from the report:


1. New Species: Changing Users

  • In 2017, a Chinese internet user spends, on average, 67 minutes per day reading the news;

  • 76.5% of Chinese internet users access news via websites/apps, followed by social apps and TV;

  • Around 1/4 of users use mobile browsers to access news, and 80% of such users mainly consume browser-recommended news feeds rather than search for news.


2. New Forest: Content Explosion & Value Return

  • “soft news”, such as knowledge popularization,and we-media such as commentary articles, are recognized as “news” by over half of the respondents.

  • More than 70% of Chinese news consumers always browse comment sections;

  • In addition to media coverage, people vary a lot in level of trust in other news sources. 41.5% believe the news is true if they see videos shot onsite by other internet users.


3. New Soil: Tech Application &Product Upgrades

4. New Water: Tech & Business Models’ Dual Innovations


To get the PDF version of the full report, please follow the official OA account of China Tech Insights(ID:chinatechinsights)and reply "media report 2017".