About China Tech Insights

By: rhealiu | UpdateTime: 10/19/2016

China Tech Insights is Tencent Online Media Group’s newly launched research project.

The Chinese internet industry is drawing increasing attention from the rest of the world. Not only is it a fast rising entity in the tech sphere globally, but it also offers unparalleled opportunity as a huge market unto itself. Curious observers however, likely find it challenging given the limited availability of high-quality insight into the Chinese tech industry, especially in the English language. The cultural barrier serves as yet another hindrance that stops outsiders from further understanding this market.

China Tech Insights was launched in 2016 with an aim to share the most accurate and precise interpretations and analyses of the Chinese tech industry, with input from overseas investors, entrepreneurs and fellow analysts.

Our articles are investigative reports based on meticulous interviewing, surveys and research, fueled by professional opinion from business insiders. This is where we decode the truth of the Chinese tech industry bit by bit.


Tencent Online Media Group, a division of Tencent Holdings established in 2003, hosts China’s biggest online news portal and publishes one of the most popular mobile news apps in China. With a team of over 40 media professionals from Tencent Online Media Group, some of whom have decades of journalistic experience, this project aims to tap the most brilliant minds in the industry.

Statement of Ethics

Though part of the Tencent Holdings group, projects undertaken by Tencent Online Media Group, China Tech Insights in particular, operate independently from the company’s other businesses. Information pertinent to Tencent is treated on an equal footing with that of any other company.

At the same time, views and insights presented here are solely those of the China Tech Insights team, based on independent research and analysis, and do not in any way represent the views of Tencent.

As a leading tech company in China, Tencent will inevitably be involved in some of our future analyses. We pledge to clearly label where this may pose a conflict of interest and hereby solemnly swear this will not interfere with our editorial process.

Data utilized for this project is primarily collected from Tencent Online Media Group’s consumer survey system. Other data channels used include those provided by our partner institutes, top-notch financial organizations and research units. Only verified public data from credible sources will be included in our data sets.